About Us

 Quixote Humane, Incorporated is a non-profit New Mexico Corporation founded in February of 2001. Quixote Humane, Inc is approved by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization. 

Originally Founded by judith Babcock, The organization has had the chance to save countless dogs from the threats of euthanasia  and homelessness and instead find them loving forever homes where they can find true happiness. 

As of January 1, 2018 Mrs. Babcock has decided to retire and has turned over the shelter to the capable hands of Tommie Jordan.  Mrs. Jordan, Manager of Cheval Farms Foster care and Sanctuary has dedicated her life to helping animals from all walks of life, live fulfilling lives.  

Our partnership with Cheval Farms helps us ensure that we are able to maintain the status of "No-Kill" as we are able to help animals who might otherwise be considered un-adoptable find permanent sanctuary which provides an  exemplary level of care and understanding especially for animals with mental or physical disabilities. 

We also work with many other shelters and foster programs in New Mexico and around the nation to ensure that each dog has the absolute best chance of finding the best match possible for them and the forever homes they move into.