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Adoption Procedure

    Please complete an adoption application in order to start the process. 

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    You can mail, FAX, or e-mail the application to Quixote Humane.

    A home visit and references are required prior to adoption.

    A visit with the dog prior to adoption may be scheduled after the home visit.

    If you have questions please call (505) 869-2397  

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Estimated Birthday: February 24, 2012

It was a tough time adjusting for this sweet boy. Skipper was found abandoned in a wire cage, with his little buddy Gilligan, on the side of the road in El Cerro Mission. Very underweight with a respiratory infection it took a couple of weeks for us see his full potential. What a lover boy!!!

He was a little nervous, most likely he wasn’t used to having a calm, quiet and warm home. But he is quickly getting used to attention and lots of high quality food. He weighed just over six pounds when we rescued him, but now is at a good weight of seven pounds.

Skipper gets along with the other dogs in his foster home, but can be a bit resource guarding of his food bowl. He is piddle pad and crate trained, knows how to use the dog door when it is available to him. And craves attention, but is content to burrow into his blankets. He will be a wonderful addition to a loving family.

Skipper is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, on heartworm preventative, and has had a dental. A sweetheart looking for a family that appreciates a small dog with a big heart and lots of love to give.  


Momma Cass ADOPTED! 04/04/2017

Momma Cass was rescued from the VC Shelter, supposedly found wandering around in Peralta and no one claimed her. She was slated to be put down as she was blind and in pain and a 15 year old senior.

 The vet found she was spayed and she had glaucoma in both eyes. One was extremely bad and the vet advised having the eye taken out. She had the surgery and has done very well since then. She can see shadows with the other eye, but not very well. She is also deaf. She is housebroken, but you have to pick her up and take her out as she cannot see to go to the door. She has learned her way around the foster home and can find her way back to her favorite chair and can jump up to it. Sometimes it takes her a couple of jumps to get up there, but she keeps on trying until she does.

She has had all her immunizations, 3 year Heartguard shot and is microchipped. She rarely barks and sleeps in her crate with no trouble. You just have to carry her there. She sleeps most of the day and snores like a buzz saw. She  shows any animation is when she is hungry. She will do a happy dance like a puppy.

Momma Cass is sharing a foster home with 11 other dogs and has not had an issue with them - except when they want her food.

She needs to find a senior home that has a big heart for senior disabled dogs. She just needs a companion to help her live out her life.

Meeko ADOPTED! 04/04/2017

Meeko had been abandoned in a yard with 5 other dogs and a neighbor placed all of the other dogs except him.  Meeko is a ShihTsu cross, probably with either Maltese or Poodle. He is a real love bug. He will come up and lick your legs in order to be petted. If you take his head in your hands he just melts. The vet said he was about 12 years old.

He has had a dental: teeth pulled and cleaning. Current on all necessary shots and immunizations. He also has had a heartworm test, a 3 year Heartguard shot, and 3 year rabies, and is chipped. He gets along with everyone in the fosters home with 11 dogs. He is house trained and also crate trained and sleeps in the crate with no barking.

 We don't think he sees very well and seems to be hearing impaired, but is otherwise healthy. He does well at the groomer and accepts his bath very well. He eats well and does not seem to be picky.

When walking on leash he flags his tail and is attentive to requests while on walks. Meeko will make a wonderful companion for senior home - alone or with other small dogs.

Samuel Adams ADOPTED! 04/04/2017

Estimated Birthday: April 14 2012

Sammy  was one of our success stories in 2014, but after more than a year, the other dogs in the family never really accepted him, and his adopters had to return him to Quixote Humane, as required by our adoption agreements.

An unbelievably attentive and agile little guy that adores people, Samuel Adams “Sammy” is an incredible Miniature Pinscher mix with natural ears and tail.  At just under 9 pounds this sweet guy will climb a ten foot wire fence - not to get away but to get to you! He is fabulous with the other foster dogs, but prefers the company of people; men, women, and children. His sleek coat is low maintenance, his size is super portable and his attitude is endearing.

Because he is athletic and has high energy he will do best in an active home. He wants so much to please he should do well in obedience and agility course work. Besides that he is just plain adorable! He will only be placed in a home with high, solid walls like wood, adobe or cinder block.

Sammy has been neutered, microchipped, is current on vaccinations, given a dental, on heartworm preventative and uses a dog door. This little boy is five star rated as a companion by his foster family.

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