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Quixote Humane, Incorporated is a non-profit New Mexico Corporation founded in February of 2001. Quixote Humane, Inc is approved by the US Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization.

Our Mission Statement and Vision

    Our purpose is to: 

  • Help raise public awareness of humane treatment of companion animals; 

  • Assist other rescue organizations place their animals; 

  • Provide pet owner education which will result in more successful permanent homes; 

  • Research and promote legislation to enhance animal welfare and control regulations; and 

  • Find adoptive homes for individual animals.

We work with Bernalillo and Valencia County Animal Shelters and owners to  find forever homes for rescued companion animals.



Some facts about Quixote Humane:

- Quixote Humane, Inc is an all volunteer organization. There are no paid staff.

- We do not have a facility. All of our dogs are cared for in volunteer foster family homes until they are adopted.

- Adoptions are not finalized until the dog is spay or neutered, current on core vaccinations including rabies, tested for heartworm and several tick borne disease if they are over six months old upon intake, are on heartworm preventative and microchipped. Younger dogs maybe placed in your home as a "foster-to-adopt" until they are ready for adoption.

- Our adoption fees are higher than many rescues because we also provide extraordinary care for old, sick and injured dogs. We do not receive any government assistance so our medical expenses must be covered by adoption fees, donations, and grants.

- The Adoption Application requires two personal and a veterinary references, pet ownership history, and a home visit to make sure the home and property are safe and secure for the dog.

- We do not adopt small dogs or puppies to homes with children under school age. We also want to meet all family members and other pets in the home to assess compatibility with the rescue dog.

Our 501c3 documentation -


Quixote_Humane_IRS_Final _Determination__17Mar2006

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