ASPCA Grant Pets

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) provided a generous grant to help defray the medical costs of getting our adoptable dogs back to good health. Below is a list of adoptable pets that were saved by the grant.


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Success Stories - Our Adobtable Pets with Forever Homes

Amazing Grace ADOPTED! 03/09/2014

Estimated Birthday July 18, 2000

Sweet, sweet Amazing Grace is a calm Chihuahua. She is in a foster home with three children, two of them are young and are a bit too active for her preference so she avoids them. However, she goes from room to room to help wake them up in the morning. Gracie likes to snuggle with the middle school aged son and the foster mom. She is house trained and very loving.

Gracie was found as a stray in El Cerro Mission near Los Lunas. She had a gash on her hip, inguinal hernia and a scrape on her upper lip. We posted found signs in the area, contacted the Valencia County Animal Shelter, but the owner was not found.

We had the hernia repaired, medicated the gash and the scrape on her lip. She was also spayed, had a dental, tested for heartworm and three tick bourne diseases and put on heartworm prevention,  vaccinated  to prevent rabies and microchipped. This super sweet little girl is ready for a new home to keep her safe and cuddled.

She is currently in a foster home where she lives with and is loved by a husband, wife and three children. Grace is a red fawn with white toes and weighs just under six pounds.  

If you would like to make a donation to help cover the cost of her surgery please send your donation to:

Quixote Humane

P.O. Box 1285

Peralta, New Mexico 87042

or use the PayPal donation button.

Victor ADOPTED! 11/28/2014

Estimated Birthday May 27, 2013

Victor the Victorious was released to the shelter along with his brother Vincente and their mother Vivian. Vivian had large open wounds on her hind teats and was not able to feed her pups. The two boys were taken to a woman, Marie, who does around the clock bottle feeding of orphaned puppies. Vivian was taken to our veterinarian and was on fluids and antibiotics for two days. Unfortunately both Vivian and Vincent died on Easter Sunday.

With intense care by Marie our little Victor survived. He has become a little firecracker! He plays with Luna Ilene and Jasmine in their room and does zoomies in the yard.

He has, at his tender age, already learned how to use both levels of the dog doors. In fact just ran into the office to check things out and ran out again when little old Champagne, the resident princess, growled at him. This is her domain.

Since he is still a puppy we don’t know how big Victor will get, but anticipate about six and a half  pounds. He has had the series of puppy shots, rabies preventative, is neutered, microchipped and on heartworm.

We do not adopt the small dogs to homes with children under the age of five. The little ones are too breakable.

If you would like to make a donation to help cover the expenses of the medical care for Victor’s mother and brother please send to:

Quixote Humane

P.O. Box 1285

Peralta, New Mexico 87042 or PayPal on the website.

Bentley ADOPTED! 12/29/2013

Estimated Birthday April 13, 2009

Bentley is a happy boy, full of kisses and tail wags. Since he came from the shelter as a stray we don’t know his age but the vet is estimating four years old. He weighs just under 16 pounds.

We think he is probably a Lhasa Apso and Poodle mix based on his size, body shape and facial structure. He was recently groomed so we don’t know how his coat will grow out. However, he will need consistent grooming to prevent mats.

Given that he has had spinal trauma in the past we think he will do best in a home that does not have small children or large rambunctious dogs. A senior home that likes leisurely walks would be ideal for Bentley. He is a very sweet little guy and will make someone’s home complete.

Bentley has been neutered, tested for heartworm and three tick borne diseases and is negative for all. He is on monthly heartworm preventative and has been vaccinated for prevention of rabies, distemper/parvo and kennel cough. He comes with a collar, tag and lots of loving care. 

Marco Adoption in Process

Birthday: August 22, 2013

Marco is the son of Mercedes, a pretty little black tri-color Chihuahua. She came to us pregnant from the Valencia County Animal Shelter, so we don’t know who his daddy is ...

At eight weeks Maro weighted two and a half pounds. We cannot predict how much he will weight, if his ears will stay flagged or stand upright when he is full grown.

What a precious little guy! He played rough and tumble with his two sisters, Mila and Maya, but was ready to snuggle with his foster family. He has been with other small dogs and gets along well with them. He has not been around cats or children yet.

Marco will be neutered, microchipped, have full series of puppy shots and rabies vaccinated. He will also be on heartworm preventative.


Jenny ADOPTED! 01/14/2014

Estimated Birthday December 2, 2012

Jenny is a very loving, but a little bit shy, Terrier mix that came from the Valencia County Animal Shelter with parvovirus. She was treated at the Bosque Animal Clinic for five days and then came to our foster home to gain strength before we had her spay, vaccinated, microchipped and is on heartworm preventative. She weighed just over 7 pounds at that time. Since she is an older pup she will probably start getting a bit heavier but not get much taller.

The other foster dogs think she is a good buddy to play with in the dog yard. She is good with women and men and likes to snuggle under your chin when she is being held. It may be best she not go to a home with children under school age, since she is a little timid, youngsters may intimidate her.

Mercedes ADOPTED! 12/30/2013

Estimated Birthday July 10, 2011

Found as a stray in Valencia County, and held at the shelter for until her stray hold was up, sweet Mercedes was released to our rescue. A short ten days later she delivered her three puppies: Marco, Maya and Mila.

We had her tested for heartworm, three tick bourne diseases and vaccinated for rabies. Unfortunately she was positive for Ehrlicia so we started her on antibiotics after her puppies were born. After the puppies were weaned she was spayed, microchipped and given core vaccinations.

Mercedes is a very friendly little Chihuahua, weighing about six and a half pounds. She gets along very well with the other foster dogs, is piddle pad trained and uses the dog door. However, she prefers people to the other dogs and will climb the wire pen to get to be closer to her people. She will need to have a solid wall without anything to climb upon near it. Better yet, just keep her inside or crated if you cannot be with her on a leash or loose in the yard. Because of her black and tan markings she looks like she has a perpetual smile.  

If you would like to make a donation to help cover her treatment and assist in the spay and neuter of her puppies please send your donation to:

Quixote Humane

P.O. Box 1285

Peralta, New Mexico 87042

or use the PayPal donation button.

Yodie ADOPTED! 10/01/2013

Estimated Birthday July 14, 2012

This incredibly sweet and very handsome boy was having trouble breathing so was released to our rescue to help him get the veterinary care he needed. Some breeders produce puppies without regard to their health. Yodie is one of them. Sold for $200 but now adding $2,025 for the surgeries done to make him a healthy and happy little boy and you can see why breeders need to be held responsible for the “product” they create.

Yodie has recovered from his surgeries: opening his nares (nostrils), tightening his elongated palette, and reducing glands in his throat. On the other end he was neutered. Poor baby boy.

His foster home thinks he is terrific. Great temperament and gorgeous to boot. He is about ten months old, loves hugs, kisses and looks like a prince.

Yodie has been neutered, vaccinated to prevent rabies, tested for three tick diseases and heartworm and had blood work done to test for any abnormal underlying issues and had x-rays to see what other complications might be present because of his breathing difficulties. All good.

His weight is about 10 pounds, his coat is glorious and temperament sweet. However, we will not adopt him to a home with children under school age. He has had enough stress in his life.  

If you would like to donate to help cover Yodie’s expenses so we can save another wonder dog; please send your donation to:

Quixote Humane, P.O. Box 1285, Peralta, New Mexico 87042 or use PayPal on our website.

Olivia ADOPTED! 09/14/2013

Estimated Birthday: March 13, 2013

This darling Longhair Chihuahua was purchased from a local pet shop in Rio Rancho. When the owners brought her home she got sick and they did not want to exchange her at the pet shop for another dog. They were concerned that she might not get the veterinary care she needed.

We took her to the Bosque Animal Clinic where she had blood work done and was put on fluids and antibiotics. She bounced back quickly and is now in a foster home that says she is a pistol: “Olivia is a healthy, energetic puppy with lots of charm and social skill. She's friendly strangers, including children, other dogs and cats as well. Olivia seems bright, and we have been able to teach her to sit already, she is working hard on becoming house broken and is crate trained."

Olivia has her series of puppy shots and will be microchipped, given rabies preventative and be spayed when she is five months old. She is on monthly heartworm preventative, which also kills round worms, hook worms and whip worms. We will confider applications for foster-to-adopt. If you are interested you can submit an application. Final adoption contract to be signed after spay and microchip. 

Note: Responsible breeders do not supply pet shops with offspring of their dogs. They have a waiting list for their dogs and have their breeding dogs checked for congenital health issues prior to breeding.  Rescues clean up after irresponsible breeders and careless owners who allow their dogs to breed. Our cost for medical care, vaccinations, microchip, heartworm pills and spay will be well over $500.

If you would like to help us by making a donation, please send a check or money order to: Quixote Humane, P.O. Box 1285, Peralta, NM 86042. Or use PayPal on our  website.

Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to spay-neuter their pets. Hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats are euthanized in New Mexico every year, so please try to help prevent unwanted litters. And adopt from a shelter or rescue. Do not support pet stores that sell animals.

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